Adult Ranking

(Knights, ages 18 or older)

Dulon Level:                  Light/Dark Title:                                               Mentor’s Titles:         

Form Zero                      Cadet / Initiate

Shii-Cho                         Padawan / Acolyte 1st Degree

Makashi                          Padawan / Acolyte 2nd Degree

Soresu                           Apprentice 1st Degree                                    Asst. Instructor

Ataru                             Apprentice 2nd Degree                                   Instructor

Shien                             Apprentice 3rd Degree

Niman                            Knight / Lord                                                Senior Instructor

Juyo                               Knight of Blades / Dark Lord*

Master’s Levels                Master / High Lord 1st Degree**                    Head Instructor#

   *   The rank of Knight of Blades / Dark Lord is to be considered a Black belt as if in a traditional martial art. This rank however only marks the beginning of understanding the basics and fundamentals of Light Saber combatives. Furthermore this rank bestows prestige and responsibility and is only awarded to students eighteen (18) years of age or older.

   **  The Master ranks do not specify that the end of the journey has come. At this point time and experience become a primary teacher and therefore this rank is only given to students with the minimum age of twenty one (21). At the Master ranks special training is provided to continue the development of saber combat and personal growth.  The title of Darth, in the spirit of Sith tradition, is only awarded to one student. All other students shall keep the title of High Lord unless a formal contest is declared.

   #   The Mentor title of Head instructor is reserved for the A.F.A. founder. Also all instructor titles are given by invitation only unless a student of sufficient rank requests Instructor certification.

Honor Titles

   Honor titles are rankings outside the standard A.F.A. ranking system. They are awarded to recognize a specific rank, skill level, or achievement. These titles are awarded only by the Head Instructor and A.F.A. Founder. Currently there are four Honor titles offered: Task Master, Battle Master, Blade Master, and Specialist.

   A Task Master is a conditioning and training specialist with an emphasis on combat readiness. Other fields of study will include: healthy life style development, meditation, functional and physical training, nutrition, motion science and body mechanics. Furthermore a Task master must have a minimal Mentor’s Title of an adult Instructor.

   A Battle Master is an empty hand combatives specialist. Requirements for this Honor title include: an adult Mentor’s title of Instructor, completion in the full Teras Kasii program, a minimum of five years martial/combatives experience. Other fields of study may include but are not limited to: psychology, anatomy, kinetics, weapons, self protection and threat management, as well as combat tactics and applications.

   A Blade Master is a Light Saber Combatives specialist who has mastered all seven of the classical Light Saber formulas. This Honor title is only awarded to a few and one must have the following: a standing certification as an A.F.A. adult Senior Instructor and a minimum second degree Masters level rank. Furthermore this Honor title includes specialization in Jar’Kai, Tel Kar, and other weapon variations.

   A Specialist is simply any adult student who has chosen to study a specific Dulon formula in detail. The student will focus only on one Light Saber formula of their choice. During the time spent on this study the student will not learn or advance in other saber formulas. The declaration of specialization is completely optional and may be declared for any Dulon level. Normally only one Dulon is chosen for specialization (recommended), but multiple specializations are not restricted (not recommended). A student must spend one full year on a specific Dulon formula for the Honor title of specialist to be awarded.