Each of the seven classical Light Saber Dulons has it’s own philosophy and applications. Also each Dulon has specific material and drills that are required for the student to learn and master. While studying a particular  formula every student is responsible for tracking their own progress. Individual Dulon requirement worksheets are provided to aid the student in this regard.

   When a student has completed the required material and logged a minimum time requirement a review will be scheduled. A review is a private lesson scheduled with a qualified Instructor. The Instructor will then determine if more practice is needed or if the student is ready for the Trials. The Trials also are scheduled and shall include all material up to and including one’s testing Dulon level.

   Remember that time and experience are the roads to mastery. Don’t rush simply to gain rank or position, you will only cheat yourself in the long run. Practice, patience, and perseverance.

“Studying the martial arts is not a sprint, but a marathon.”             -Jeff Comfort, Combat Kenpo-