Tel Kar


   Tel Kar (Tell-Car) is the combat discipline of  pole arms and long range weapons, specifically the Force Pike a.k.a. the Saber Lance.

   The Force Pike was a true hybrid weapon for its use was similar to that of the long hilted saber as well as the saber staff. The hilt was constructed of Light Saber resistant materials like Phrik. Likewise the original design utilized Force imbued metal blades. There are many variations on record. Though most blades were kept short, there have been versions possessing a blade length equal to the length of th hilt. Furthermore there have also been single and double bladed types of the Force Pike.

   As mentioned the Force Pike shares aspects with the long hilt saber and the saber staff. Thus the many strengths and weaknesses of these weapons do translate to the Force Pike. The benefits include: Excellent for multiple opponents, increased leverage and range, power, and more offensive and defensive options. The hindrances of the saber lance may be as follows: a greater skill level needed to be effective, poor for CQC, more space is required, the weapon itself is vulnerable to attacks. Many unique designs and variations have been explored to increase the weapon’s effectiveness while reducing its inherent weaknesses. Force Pike variants include: The long hilt Light Saber, half Pike, saber staff, saber spear, and the saber lance.

   The A.F.A. system focuses on this concept. Adaptations and modifications are made so the weapon is comfortable for the individual user. Just like the standard Light Saber, the Force Pike was a personal weapon and its design reflects this concept. The A.F.A. system incorporates elements of the European great sword, quarter staff, and spear and pole arm combatives. As with any Saber the Force Pike can be implemented with any of the classical Light Saber formulas. Any Dulon specialist can make great use of this weapon through time and training. Training includes;

  • Stances and postures
  • Striking methods
  • Dulon applications
  • Attack angles
  • Defense strategies
  • Flourishes
  • Dueling