Teras Kasii

   teras kasiTeras Kasi (Tar-is Kah-see), is an empty handed combat system. It’s name translates to  “Steel hands”. In the SiFi fantasy setting Teras Kasi was developed on Bunduki by the followers of Palawa after a time of war. The system was designed to combat opponents that possessed weapons, specifically the Force users. Teras Kasi focused on speed, power, and the ability to anticipate an attacker’s movements. Many have incorporated the system into their Saber combatives training. Much like many modern  disciplines of today, the doctrine of Teras Kasi is fundamentally compatible. The system of Teras Kasi had a developed set of movements and nine edicts, similar to the warrior classes of ancient Europe and Asia. At it’s core Teras Kasi was to be simple, it’s applications natural, and above all…practical. Nature also had a strong influence on the development of the specific maneuvers for many were named after predatory animals and environmental aspects.  This gave Teras Kasi a strong connection to the Living Force. Furthermore the aspects of meditation were studied to harmonize a strong mental fortitude with a physically developed body. Though Teras Kasi has it’s classical roots it is not considered traditional and has a greater degree of freedom and self expression. This allows the student to become a creative fighter, not a slave to traditional techniques. Being a nontraditional system, Teras Kasi is free to evolve and adapt with the times and change as needed.

   In a realistic setting Teras Kasii (Modern spelling) is a combative style focusing on but is not limited to self protection methods and threat management. More emphasis rests in the movements of fighting rather than individual maneuvers. This gives the student freedom to develop a specific formula of combat that works for them. Teras Kasii, like Shii-Cho is built upon a foundation of simplicity and practicality. The A.F.A. system of Teras Kasii was developed over many years of training and research, comprising elements of modern combatives and several fighting disciplines. At the higher levels, students begin to incorporate Teras Kasii into their saber sequences. Furthermore the maneuvers have all been “pressure” tested to ensure effectiveness.

There are four levels of the A.F.A. Teras Kasii system;

    1. Basic combatives and concepts.
    2. Escapes
    3. Weapons defense
    4. Advanced  fighting concepts and maneuvers