What is a Dulon? Dulon is a term used to describe Light Saber movements and maneuvers placed within a specific sequence. This is not unlike the terms “Kata”, “Juru”,  “Anyo”, or “Forms” used in traditional martial arts training. However it should be noted that Dulon practice is not meant for combat applications. A Light Saber Dulon is utilized as a way to practice footwork, striking methods, postures, and combat maneuvers.

   Each Dulon as stated has their own specific philosophy and methods of application. The practice of Dulon helps the student to fully understand the concepts and expressions of the Dulon itself. It is the goal of a Dulon to enhance one’s training. To advance from a mechanical learning stage, to an intuitive stage, and finally to a fully comprehensive free flow expression.

“Dulon practice allows one to practice everything they know, even though they don’t know that they know it.”

“Your focus determines your reality”            -Jedi Master Qui Gon Jinn-

“The way is in training”             -Grand Master Al Tracy, Kenpo Karate-

The Seven Dulons:








   Form zero has two meanings. The first is the student’s expression, where no specific skills have been yet learned. This is the beginning stage of learning. If pressed into combat the student will fight with no specific skill or discipline. The second expression is the Master’s ideal. Here one has learned the Light Saber Dulons, combat and tactics, yet has no desire to fight. The master has learned to duel without dueling, to fight without fighting. A novice may fight with flash and passion, a master fights with discipline and wisdom.