Ataru, “The way of the Hawk-bat”, also known as The Aggression form is the fourth light Saber Dulon. Concidered the most popular Light Saber formula, Ataru (Ah-tar-ou) was created to harmonize with the protective strategy of Soresu and primarily focues on offensive tactics.

   This Dulon is very dynamic and is one of the more physically demanding of the all seven Dulons. Form four utilizes natural body and kinetic movements to generate momentum and power. This requires a greater degree of self control and discipline. The philosophy, unlike Soresu, of Ataru is to overpower your opponent quickly by using overwhelming speed and power. The goal of Ataru training is to turn the entire body into a weapon. Form four is aggressive, however this is not blind rage. The controlled fire of this aggression is harnessed as a survival instinct. One important aspect of Ataru is Sokan, or environmental awareness. This is utilized for both defensive and offensive tactics for the Ataru applications and maneuvers require large open areas. Thus this makes Ataru weak in CQC (close quarters combat) situations.

   Ataru is a very dynamic and offensive style yet this can leave one open to counter attacks.  This Dulon is excellent for single combatants and developes both speed and power. A student must have a greater aptitude for dexterity and agility. The A.F.A. system has two distinct expressions of Ataru. One that is more acrobatic and the other is more grounded yet remains dynamic.

   Training in the Ataru formula consists of;

  • Postures
  • Footwork and momentum training
  • Su Ma rotations
  • Jar’Kai Level-1
  • Teras Kasii Level-1
  • Maneuvers
  • Dulon and concepts