Often called The Ferosity form or “The way of the Vornskr”, Juyo is the seventh and final Light Saber Dulon. Juyo (Jew-yoo) is extremely offensive and is the most demanding (physically, mentally, and emotionally) of all the saber Dulons. Form seven shares much with Ataru and Djem So though not as acrobatic, yet is more kinetic and dynamic respectfully. Juyo’s movements are sharp, chaotic, and explosive and executed in short bursts with great speed. Also the attacking patterns are random, unpredictable and executed with the concept of Stakato.

   Juyo is by far the most controversial. Exercises in this formula becomes a state of mind, feeding off the aggression and excitement of combat. Drawing even more emotion from the opponent, one is fueled by the attacker’s anger. The philosophy of form seven is passion. One is fueled by anger, excitement, rage, and fury. Self discipline is a must. To balance and control the power of Juyo one must be tempered by compassion. Only after one has mastered all other forms can one even hope to master Juyo.

   A variant of this form, called Vapaad, provides special training and meditation in order to combat and control the devastation wrought by the form seven formula. Form seven is a formula of “Joy of Combat”.

   Practice and training in form seven;

  • Meditation
  • Philosophy and Psychology
  • Attack patterns
  • Teras Kasii Level-4
  • Tel Kar
  • Dulon and concepts