Makashi, (Ma-Ka-She or Mah-Kaw-ShEE) is the Contention form or “The way of the Ysalamiri” and is the second Light Saber Dulon. Primarily designed to counter Shii-Cho, Makashi is the most ideal style for saber to saber dueling and is noted as the most elegant of the seven forms.

   Though built upon the foundations of Shii-Cho this Dulon is more linear than circular. Focusing on the center line, Makashi moves in straight lines and angles  briefly broken by quick turns and pivots. Form two has a strong emphasis on footwork and balance. These concepts allow Makashi to be precise and quick in its strikes. Though power is sacrificed for speed the Makashi formula utilizes the redirection of attacks in order to gain position to counter strike. With the focus on a single opponent this however can make this style weak against multiple opponents. The Makashi formula is ideal for one on one contests, disarms, weapon retention and efficiency. Form two is the line intersecting the circle. Makashi is marked by an opening salute. This pays respect to a more romantic and honorable age. Makashi training includes;

  • Hand guards
  • Ripostes
  • Flourishes Level-2
  • Postures
  • Disarms
  • Maneuvers
  • Blending and redirecting energy
  • Dulon and concepts