Niman (N-eye-man) is the sixth classical Light Saber Dulon. Known as “The way of the Rancor” or The Moderation form, Niman draws from all other Light Saber Dulons. However Niman’s true root origin is Soresu and its focus is on the protection of oneself and others. This philosophy associates form six with the Jedi code and the concept of form zero, or to fight without fighting. Niman is the most balanced and practical of all the seven formulas and is often called the Diplomats form.

   Though ideal for non warriors Niman can be very formidable in combat. Form six has no distinct strengths or weaknesses and is a Jack of all Trades. The practice of Niman is done slowly in order to bring one’s focus inwards. Like Soresu, Niman is highly meditative. There is a great emphasis on situational awareness and the correct response to every action. Interpretation is based on experience and wisdom. Furthermore a higher use and integration of Force powers are a trade mark of Niman. Less application of Light Saber combatives does not weaken this form. Practice and application of Niman can be very effective.

   Niman training has the following;

  • Maneuvers
  • Response and reaction drills
  • Free low forms
  • Meditation
  • Jar’Kai Level-3
  • Teras Kasii Level-3
  • Dulon and concepts