“The way of the Krayt Dragon”, form five, Shien (Shee-n) is perhaps the most well known Light Saber form. Also know as The Pereseverence form, Shien was developed from Soresu and harmonizes with Ataru and Makashi. Not as acrobatic as form four, form five shares many of the tight movements of form three. Shien is the second hybrid form of Light Saber combat and is one of the most versatile and adaptive. Though Shien focuses on deflection it does however possess strong saber to saber applications.

   Like Ataru, Shien has two distinct expressions. It’s second expression is that of Djem So. Where Shien’s focus is on movement and deflection, Djem So’s main application is powerful saber to saber combat and immediate counter attack. Keeping with the philosophy of Shien the Djem So variant utilizes the fluid reposte. The maneuvers are designed to turn an opponent’s energy and attacks against them, answering an attack with power, force, and strength. The philosophy of form five is to dominate your opponent with overwhelming force. Shien may share the aggression of Ataru, however Djem So is about strength and power.

   Shien / Djem So training has the following elements;

  • Power generation
  • Reverse grip variations
  • Heavy Dueling
  • Feints
  • Maneuvers
  • Fluid reposte
  • Jar’Kai Level-2
  • Teras Kasii Level-2
  • Strength and conditioning
  • Dulon and concepts