juyo2The first Light Saber Dulon is Shii-Cho (Shee-Choo or She-EE-Chow) known as the Determination form or “The way of the Sarlacc”. Shii-Cho, being the first formula of saber combat is the root of all other saber Dulons. This is the fundamental tutorial and training form which focuses on basic movements. With it’s wide sweeping arcs and chaotic nature, Shii-Cho was developed for the battlefield and conflicts against multiple opponents. This concept can make Shii-Cho weaker against single sword stylists but it should not be underestimated. With the emphasis on basics and simplicity this Dulon can easily be adapted by the swordsman to deal with other Light Saber duelists. The philosophical concept of Shii-Cho is simplicity expressed within the circle.

   Training in Shii-Cho comprises of the following aspects; target zones and angles of attack, marks of contact, postures and guard positions, basic footwork, flourishes level one, parries and blocks, striking methods and maneuvers, dueling basics, and the Shii-Cho Dulon and concepts.