Soresu (Soor-EE-sew), is known as the Resilience form or “The way of the Mynock” and is the third of the classical Light Saber Dulons. Soresu’s philosophy is one of total protection and nonaggression. This Dulon is utilized to provide time to think and react during combat, using a defensive strategy to eventually gain opportunities for victory. The Soresu Dulon expresses an interaction of both lines and circles.


   With Soresu’s focus on footwork and tight movements a protective shield called the Circle of Protection, or Circle of Shelter is formed. With the manipulation of and the remaining off of the centerline, Soresu maintains a defensive posture and gains time to plan counter strikes. As a pacifist form Soresu is great for one on one contests, self defense, and endurance. However with a greatly reduced offense this style must out last an opponent and risks being overwhelmed.

   Soresu is highly meditative and one’s focus is directed inwards, thus allowing one to rely on reflexes which are placed in a heightened state of awareness. Due to it’s emphasis on meditation a Soresu stylist can remain calm and in control of one’s emotions. In turn this Dulon is patient and possesses great restraint and endurance, mainly for the fact of using tight movements to conserve energy. Soresu is a formula of a moving meditation. This Dulon was highly favored by Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi.

obi2Training in the Soresu Dulon includes; postures and footwork, introduction to meditation, orbits and screens, flourishes level three, circle of protection, economy of motion, maneuvers, multiple attacker drills, the Soresu Dulon and concepts.