How do I get started?

The best way to get started is to come in and see a class or schedule a free trial lesson. You can always contact us with any specific questions you may have.

How do I get a Lights Saber?

Sabers are not provided by the Academy due to customization options. Every student is responsible and is required to obtain their own Light Saber. Some training sabers are available for students to use until a saber is purchased. Students should have their own Light Saber within the first month of training. The Academy recommends Lights Sabers from UltraSabers.

What kind of equipment to I need?

First you will need a Light Saber, even though trainers are available for new students. As you progress other PPE will be required. All personal protective equipment must be approved by an A.F.A. instructor. These will include the following:

  • Light Saber with a heavy grade blade (round tips only, no spikes)
  • 3w Fencing mask
  • H.E.M.A. or Laccross gloves
  • Motor cross protective jacket

Other equipment may be worn for extra protection. Your instructor will have more information.

What is involved in a typical class?

Classes begin with a light warm up session. Then specific drills, Dulon practice, and dueling sessions are practiced. Finally classes will conclude with a meditation or  strength and conditioning exercises. These generally include functional, and or skill specific exercises. Specialty classes will be announced.

How long do classes run for?

Classes generally run for one hour. Sometimes however depending on situation, classes may run over.

Do you wear protective gear?

Yes, all students are required and responsible for obtaining their own PPE (Personal Protective Equipment). PPE must be worn during dueling sessions, however lighter armor or PPE may be worn for general classes and instruction. Light Saber combatives is a  physical and full contact martial art. The A.F.A. takes safety and self protection seriously!

Is the A.F.A. a traditional school?

No, The A.F.A. does not operate like a modern American/Asian traditional martial arts school. However respect, self discipline, and sportsmanship are a must.

How long till I can get a Black Belt?

The A.F.A. system does not have a colored belt ranking system like other traditional martial arts schools.

How long does it take to learn a Dulon?

Students are encouraged to master each Dulon level as opposed to just knowing the required material. To become proficient one can easily spend six months to a year on each Dulon. Time and experience are far more important than rank and title.

Are there time requirements?

Yes, Initiate and Padawan ranks require a minimum of 8 months, Apprentice levels require a 10 month minimum, Knight ranks have a 12 month requirement. Masters levels and specialty ranks require a 1 year minimum.

Are there age requirements?

Yes, The A.F.A. is currently only offering classes to adults. Students must be eighteen (18)  years of age or older.

Will I learn choreography?

No, the A.F.A. currently does not focus on choreographed moves. You will of course learn the specific Dulons, footwork, guards and postures, striking methods and tactics, parries, maneuvers and applications, and much more.

Is there an Academy uniform?

Yes, however the A.F.A. has a more relaxed and modern approach. Students wear black tactical/cargo pants or shorts with the official school shirt.

Do you wear robes?

No, wearing robes just would not be practical for training. Yet a student is not prohibited from wearing them or other garb related to the Jedi or Sith if so desired. Robes and traditional garb may be worn for demos or promotions and Knighting ceremonies.

Does the A.F.A. do birthdays?

No, The A.F.A. is a full contact dueling system and does not do parties or special events.